• Date : Tue Sep 28, 2021
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Deputy to Minister of IMT and IMIDRO Chairman Attended;
MSC CEO Inauguration Ceremony
Vajihollah Jafari, Deputy to Minister of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (IMT) attended the inauguration ceremony held in Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation (IMIDRO) where Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) knew its new CEO.

According to the MSC correspondent, the MSC board of directors held a meeting in the presence of Vajihollah Jafari, IMIDRO chairman of the board, and board members. According to the board's decision, Dr. Mohammad Yaser Tayyebnia was appointed and introduced as the new MSC CEO during the meeting.

In the meeting, Ali Nabavi, the representative of National Iranian Copper Industries Co., was appointed Chairman of the Board, Seyyed Zia Imani, the representative of Behsazan Energy Tadbir Zangan Co., was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board, Tahmoures Javanbakht, the representative of West Azerbaijan Province Investment Company, was appointed Member of the Board, and Mohammad Yaser Tayyebnia, the representative of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation (IMIDRO), was appointed Member of the Board and the CEO of MSC.

According to the report, with a 21-year of experience serving in the steel industry, Tayyebnia is a young and well-known manager in this field. He has held various administrative and executive positions, including serving on the boards of MSC, Esfahan Steel Co., Hormozgan Steel Co., Gol Gohar, and Chadormelo Co., as well as vice-president and deputy of Esfahan Steel Co.'s purchasing department, and deputy of MSC's purchasing department.

Tayyebnia holds a BSc in Mining Engineering, Exploration, an MSc in Economics, and a Ph.D. in Professional Business Management.

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