The Auxiliary materials purchase department is responsible for the procurement of the consumables needed by Mobarakeh Steel Company by adhering to the laws and regulations related to offering tenders for the following goods:
1.Various rubber o-rings, refractory o-rings, conveyor belts, translucent  and polyethylene sheets
2.Water-tight, gas-tight, air-tight washers, various steel and stainless steel faucets
3.Various ironware, fire-proof steel balls, grate bars, packaging materials, rings, metallic rings, coil edge protecting plates, label etiquette sheets, clamps, steel strips, etc.)
4.Small laboratory instruments, thermocouples, samplers, hydraulic water hoses, acids, telecommunication facilities parts, etc.).
5.Furniture and fixtures, metallic rails and reels, metallic shelves, metallic rails
6.Mechanical fittings and tools, hardened cutting blades, manual tools, various socket wrenches, hose clamps, hose links, measuring instruments, abrasive cloths and tools,
7.Electrical equipment and devices, switches, electrical contactors
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